Concrete Reinforcing Steel Ribbed Bar Panels Mesh From China

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The mesh size of the reinforcing mesh is very regular, much larger than that of the hand-tied mesh. The reinforcing mesh has high rigidity and good elasticity. When pouring concrete, the steel bars are not easy to bend, deform and slide.

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    Concrete Reinforcing Steel Ribbed Bar Panels Mesh From China

    Reinforcement mesh is a network structure welded by steel bars, which is often used for reinforcement and reinforcement of concrete structures. While rebar is a metallic material, usually round or longitudinally ribbed rods, used for reinforcement and strengthening of concrete structures.
    Compared with steel bars, steel mesh has greater strength and stability, and can withstand greater loads and stresses. At the same time, the installation and use of steel mesh is more convenient and faster.


    1. Special, good earthquake resistance and crack resistance. The mesh structure formed by the longitudinal bars and transverse bars of the reinforcing mesh is firmly welded. The bonding and anchoring with the concrete is good, and the force is evenly transmitted and distributed.
    2. The use of reinforcing mesh in construction can save the number of steel bars. According to actual engineering experience, the use of reinforcing mesh can save 30% of the steel bar consumption, and the mesh is uniform, the wire diameter is accurate, and the mesh is flat. After the reinforcing mesh arrives at the construction site, it can be used directly without processing or loss.
    3. The use of reinforcing mesh can greatly speed up the construction progress and shorten the construction period. After the reinforcing mesh is laid according to the requirements, the concrete can be poured directly, eliminating the need for on-site cutting, placing, and binding one by one, which helps to save 50%-70% of the time.

    Bridge Concrete Reinforced Mesh
    Material Carbon steel or stainless steel
    Surface treatment Galvanized
    Mesh opening shape Square or rectangular
    Steel rod style Ribbed or smooth
    Diameter 3 – 40 mm
    Distance between rods  100, 200, 300, 400 or 500 mm
    Mesh sheet width 650 – 3800 mm
    Mesh sheet length 850 – 12000 mm
    Standard reinforcing mesh size 2 × 4 m, 3.6 × 2 m, 4.8 × 2.4 m, 6 × 2.4 m.
    Reinforcing concrete mesh features High strength and good stability.
    Improve bonding to concrete, minimize concrete cracking.
    Flat even surface and firm structure.
    Corrosion and rust resistant.
    Durable and long service life.


    1. Reinforced mesh can be used in highway pavement cement concrete engineering

    The steel mesh sheets used for reinforced concrete pavement shall comply with industry standards. When cold-rolled ribbed steel bars are used for construction, the distance between two steel bars shall not be greater than 20cm, and the distance between two horizontal steel bars shall not be greater than 30cm. The thickness of the reinforcement protective layer shall not be less than 5cm according to the standard.

    2. Reinforcing mesh is used in bridge engineering

    It is used for municipal bridges and highway bridge decks, and can also be used for renovation of old bridge decks to prevent bridge piers from cracking. The quality of the bridge deck is significantly improved, the bridge deck becomes very smooth, and the construction speed is obviously increased, reducing the engineering cost.

    3. Reinforcement mesh is used in tunnel lining

    It is conducive to improving the shear resistance of shotcrete, improving the punching resistance and bending resistance of concrete, and preventing local stones from falling on bridges. The distance between steel wire meshes should not be less than 6cm.

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