The quality of steel grating comes from detailed design and fine craftsmanship

The details of steel grating products have become the most powerful manifestation of product or service quality. Only by carefully examining their products or services, paying attention to details, and striving for excellence can steel grating manufacturers make their products or services more perfect and win in the competition.

Product materials
1. The various parameters of steel grating raw materials (material, width, thickness) must be strictly controlled to ensure the quality of the produced steel grating. High-quality flat steel raw materials should have no dents and linear scars on the surface, no snow folding and obvious torsion. The surface of the flat steel should be free of rust, grease, paint and other attachments, and no lead and other substances that affect the use. Flat steel should not have a wilted surface when visually inspected.

2. Welding process
The press-welded steel grating is machine-welded, with good consistency and stronger welds. The press-welded steel grating has good flatness and is also easy to construct and install. The press-welded steel grating is machine-welded, and it is more beautiful after galvanizing without welding slag. The quality of press-welded steel grating is more guaranteed than that of purchased manually welded steel grating, and the service life will be longer. There will be gaps between the handmade crossbars and flat steels when they are assembled, and it is difficult to ensure that every contact point can be firmly welded, the strength is reduced, the construction efficiency is low, and the neatness and aesthetics are slightly worse than machine production.

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3. Allowable deviation of size
The allowable deviation of the length of the steel grating is 5mm, and the allowable deviation of the width is 5mm. The allowable deviation of the diagonal of the rectangular steel grating should not be greater than 5mm. The non-verticality of the load-bearing flat steel should not be greater than 10% of the width of the flat steel, and the maximum deviation of the lower edge should be less than 3mm.

4. Hot-dip galvanizing surface treatment
Hot-dip galvanizing is one of the important anti-corrosion methods commonly used for the surface treatment of steel gratings. In a corrosive environment, the thickness of the galvanized layer of the steel grating has a direct impact on the corrosion resistance. Under the same bonding strength conditions, the thickness of the coating (adhesion) is different, and the corrosion resistance period is also different. Zinc has extremely excellent performance as a protective material for the base of the steel grating. The electrode potential of zinc is lower than that of iron. In the presence of electrolyte, zinc becomes the anode and loses electrons and corrodes preferentially, while the steel grating substrate becomes the cathode. It is protected from corrosion by the electrochemical protection of the galvanized layer. Obviously, the thinner the coating, the shorter the corrosion resistance period, and as the coating thickness increases, the corrosion resistance period also increases.

5. Product Packaging
Steel gratings are generally packed with steel strips and shipped out of the factory. The weight of each bundle is determined by negotiation between the supply and demand parties or by the supplier. The packaging mark of the steel grating should indicate the trademark or manufacturer code, steel grating model and standard number. The steel grating should be marked with a number or a code with traceability function.
The quality certificate of the steel grating product should indicate the product standard number, material brand, model specification, surface treatment, appearance and load inspection report, weight of each batch, etc. The quality certificate should be delivered to the user together with the product packing list as a basis for acceptance.

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