Rectangular Sewer Cover Grates Garage Channel Trench Drainage Cover

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1. High strength: Steel grating has higher strength than ordinary steel and can withstand greater pressure and weight, so it is more suitable as a stair tread.

2. Corrosion resistance: The surface of the steel grating has been treated with galvanizing, spraying, etc., which can effectively prevent corrosion and extend the service life.

3. Good permeability: The grid-like structure of the steel grating gives it good permeability and can effectively prevent water and dust accumulation.

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China
  • Surface treatment: Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Package Type:: Customized
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    Rectangular Sewer Cover Grates Garage Channel Trench Drainage Cover



    Steel grate (2)

    The steel grate is generally made of carbon steel, and the surface is hot-dip galvanized, which can prevent oxidation. It can also be made of stainless steel. The steel grating has ventilation, lighting, heat dissipation, anti-skid, explosion-proof and other properties.
    Steel grate is a kind of steel product with flat steel cross-arranged according to a certain interval and horizontal bars, which are welded into a square grid in the middle by a pressure welding machine or manually.
    Steel grates are mainly used as gutter cover plates, steel structure platform plates, steel ladder step plates, etc. Crossbars are generally made of twisted square steel.
    The materials of the steel grate mainly include galvanized carbon steel Q235, hot-dip galvanized, composite stainless steel, etc.

    steel grate



    Material saving:  the most material-saving way under the same load conditions, correspondingly, it can reduce the material of the supporting structure and reduce investment: material saving, labor saving, construction period saving, cleaning and maintenance free

    Easy construction:  Fix with bolt clamps or weld on the pre-installed support, and it can be completed by one person.

    Save construction period:  the product does not need to be reprocessed on site, and the installation is very fast

    Durable: It has been treated with hot zinc anticorrosion before leaving the factory, and has strong impact and heavy pressure resistance

    Modern style: beautiful appearance, standard design, ventilation and light transmission, giving people a modern feeling of overall smoothness

    Lightweight structure:  less material, light structure, and easy to hoist.

    Anti-accumulation of dirt: no accumulation of rain, ice, snow and dust

    Reduce wind resistance: due to good ventilation, the wind resistance is small in case of strong wind, reducing wind damage

    steel grating


    The processing technology of steel grate is flat iron insertion, tooth perforation, round steel perforation, carbon steel pressure welding, twisted pattern pressure welding.
    The holes of shaped steel grates are generally square holes or long holes, and the shape can also be adjusted according to needs.
    The overall mesh is generally square, and can be cut and welded into special-shaped mesh according to the needs of the use environment.

    steel grate (18)
    steel grate


    Steel grate is suitable for alloys, building materials, power stations, boilers. shipbuilding. Petrochemical, chemical and general industrial plants, municipal construction and other industries have the advantages of ventilation and light transmission, non-slip, strong bearing capacity, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, and easy to install.

    Steel grate has been widely used in various industries at home and abroad, mainly used as industrial platforms, ladder pedals, handrails, passage floors, railway bridge sideways, high-altitude tower platforms, drainage ditch covers, manhole covers, road barriers, three-dimensional Parking lots, fences of institutions, schools, factories, enterprises, sports grounds, garden villas, can also be used as external windows of houses, balcony guardrails, guardrails of highways and railways, etc.

    steel grate
    steel grate
    steel grate
    steel grate
    steel grate


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