Wholesale ODM Hexagonal Wire Mesh For Breeding Fence

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(1) Can withstand a wide range of changes without collapse. Acts as fixed thermal insulation;

(2) The excellent process foundation ensures the uniformity of coating thickness and stronger corrosion resistance;

(3) Save transportation costs. It can be reduced into a small roll and wrapped in moisture-proof paper, taking up very little space.

  • Feature: Easily Assembled, Sustainable, eco-friendly
  • Surface treatment: Surface treatment
  • Color: Customer's Request
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    Wholesale ODM Hexagonal Wire Mesh For Breeding Fence

    At present,the  breeding fence materials on the market are steel wire mesh, iron mesh, aluminum alloy mesh, PVC film mesh, film mesh and so on. Therefore, in the selection of fence , it is necessary to make a reasonable choice according to actual needs. For example, for farms that need to ensure safety and durability, wire mesh is a very reasonable choice. If you need to consider aesthetic and stability factors, here will recommend iron or aluminum mesh, due to the lightweight and easy plasticity of these two materials, can create a more different shape of space in the fence, and ensure that the built-in equipment has no impact.

    ODM Chicken Wire Fence
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