ODM Supplier Galvanized Barbed Wire For Forest Protection

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Barbed Wire Net and PVC Coated Barbed Wire offer even more possibilities for your fencing needs. Our Barbed Wire Net is designed to provide a higher level of security, featuring a tightly woven net of barbed wire that is extremely difficult to breach.

  • Place of Origin: Hebei, China
  • Material: Iron Wire
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    ODM Supplier Galvanized Barbed Wire For Forest Protection

    A barbed wire fence is a fence used for protection and safety measures, which is made of sharp barbed wire or barbed wire, and is usually used to protect the perimeter of important places such as buildings, factories, prisons, military bases, and government agencies.
    The main purpose of a barbed wire fence is to prevent intruders from crossing the fence into the protected area, but it also keeps animals out. Barbed wire fences usually have the characteristics of height, firmness, durability, and difficulty in climbing, and are an effective safety protection facility.

    Product Specifications

    Material: plastic-coated iron wire, stainless steel wire, electroplating wire
    Diameter: 1.7-2.8mm
    Stab distance: 10-15cm
    Arrangement: single strand, multiple strands, three strands
    Size can be customized

    Barbed Wire Double Strand
    Barbed wire type Barbed wire gauge Barb distance Barb lenght
    Electro galvanized barbed wire; Hot-dip zinc planting barbed wire 10# x 12# 7.5-15cm 1.5-3cm
    12# x 12#
    12# x 14#
    14# x 14#
    14# x 16#
    16# x 16#
    16# x 18#
    PVC coated barbed wire;PE barbed wire Before coating After coating 7.5-15cm 1.5-3cm
    1.0mm-3.5mm 1.4mm-4.0mm
    BWG 11#-20# BWG 8#-17#
    SWG 11#-20# SWG 8#-17#
    barbed wire (16)
    barbed wire (44)

    Surface treatment

    The surface treatment of the barbed wire includes electro-galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, PVC-coated treatment, and aluminum-coated treatment.
    The reason for surface treatment is to enhance the anti-corrosion strength and prolong the service life.
    As the name suggests, the surface treatment of galvanized barbed wire is galvanized, which can be electro-galvanized and hot-dip galvanized;
    The surface treatment of PVC barbed wire is PVC-coated, and the inner barbed wire is black wire, electroplated wire and hot-dip wire.
    Aluminum-coated barbed wire is a new product that has just been launched. Its surface is covered with a layer of aluminum, so it is also called aluminized. We all know that aluminum does not rust, so aluminum plating on the surface can greatly improve the anti-corrosion ability and make it last longer.

    Double Twist Razor Wire Roll
    Barbed Wire Double Strand
    Double Twist Razor Wire Roll


    Barbed wire has a wide range of applications. It was originally used for military needs, but now it can also be used for paddock enclosures. It is also used in agriculture, animal husbandry or home protection. The scope is gradually expanding. For security protection , the effect is very good, and it can act as a deterrent, but you must pay attention to safety and use requirements when installing.
    If you have any questions, welcome to contact us.

    barbed wire
    Double Twist Razor Wire Roll
    barbed wire
    barbed wire


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